Beaverhausen is a Brussels based design studio founded by Mimy A. Diar and Ad Luijten. Both of us have a background in communication, which gives us a unique and clear perspective on design.

We create visual stories that manifest in furniture, accessories, lighting and interiors. Each story has its own topic, emphasizing on the context of use, the manufacturing process, a client’s history or on a more poetic source of inspiration.

What all our projects do have in common is a strong story telling appeal, always simple and engaging. This is especially relevant in order to stand out in the current market space.

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So far we have collaborated with several international editors such as Matière Grise (FR), La Chance (FR) and Indera (BE). New editors will be announced later this year.

Beaverhausen also initiated Hausmerk, a contemporary Belgium design label. All Hausmerk objects are designed, developed and marketed by us. This hands-on approach enables us to create well-constructed products that meet market needs with a unique visual identity.

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+32 (0) 486 622 657

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Avenue Van Volxem 475

1190 Brussels, BE

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